Our Sugar Free Range is becoming more and more popular with individuals who are looking after their health and with those who are suffering from Diabetes.
We are very proud of our Sugar Free Range and are constantly adding new products to our catalogue – from just a handful of items when we started, we now stock one of the largest Sugar Free Ranges available!
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Simpkins Sugar Free Chocolate BarsSimpkins Sugar Free Chocolate Bars£7.29
Sugar Free Assorted ToffeesSugar Free Assorted Toffees£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Barley SugarSugar Free Barley Sugar£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Blackcurrant & LiquoriceSugar Free Blackcurrant & Liquorice£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Chocolate BarsSugar Free Chocolate Bars£7.29
Sugar Free Chocolate EclairsSugar Free Chocolate Eclairs£1.85-£14.30
Sugar Free Chocolate LimesSugar Free Chocolate Limes£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Chocolate RaspberriesSugar Free Chocolate Raspberries£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Cola BottlesSugar Free Cola Bottles£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Fruit ChewsSugar Free Fruit Chews£1.85-£14.30
Sugar Free Fruit Gummy BearsSugar Free Fruit Gummy Bears£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Fruit GumsSugar Free Fruit Gums£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Fruit LollipopsSugar Free Fruit Lollipops£1.50-£4.15
Sugar Free Giant StrawberriesSugar Free Giant Strawberries£1.70-£12.65
Sugar Free Hamper Large Open Candy Cabin Traditional Online Sweet ShopSugar Free Sweet Hamper£6.50-£11.50
Sugar Free Liquorice ToffeeSugar Free Liquorice Toffee£1.89-£14.30
Sugar Free Marshmallow TubesSugar Free Marshmallows£2.05-£9.55
Sugar Free Mint Humbugs Candy Cabin Traditional Online Sweet ShopSugar Free Mint Humbugs£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Pear DropsSugar Free Pear Drops£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Sherbet LemonsSugar Free Sherbet Lemons£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Spearmint Chews Candy CabinSugar Free Spearmint Chews£1.89-£14.30
Sugar Free Strawberries and CreamSugar Free Strawberries & Cream£1.60-£11.49
Sugar Free Uncle Joe's Mint BallsSugar Free Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls£1.85-£16.20