Make Your Own Toffee Hamper

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We’ve now made it even easier for you to make your own Toffee Hamper!
In just 5 simple steps you’ve got everything you need to add a Personalised touch to our best selling sweet Hamper!

1) Select your Hamper Size
2) Now Select your desired Label
3) You need to select at least 1 Toffee from our Walkers Toffee Range.
If you select just 1 Selection, we will fill your Hamper with 300g (Small Hamper) or 650g (Large Hamper) of your 1 Selection.
4) We wrap your selection in Crepe Paper for that lovely finishing touch!
5) Want to add a name or date? Perhaps there’s a Personalised Message you want us to add on your Label? Just type it in and we’ll design your Label for you.
Please ensure spelling of names is correct – we will use the information EXACTLY as typed.

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Make Your Own Toffee Hamper

Crammed with delicious Walkers Toffees, these Hampers are one of our Customer favourites.
Filled with a mixture of approx. 300g of Walkers Toffees and 600g in our Large Hamper, these Hampers are ideal for people of all ages and for any occasion!

All of our Toffee Hamper are made from a sturdy cardboard box and come in 2 Sizes:
Small (16cm x 23cm x 2.2cm)
Large (24cm x 34½cm x 2.2cm)

We use Crepe Paper in each Hamper (colours may vary) making it look professional and attractive.

We only use Walkers Toffees in our Toffee Hampers and these include:
Treacle Toffee
Mint Chocolate Eclairs
Banana Split Eclairs
Chocolate Toffees
Nutty Brazil Toffees
Mint Toffees
Liquorice Toffees
Milk Chocolate Eclairs
Salted Caramel Toffees

2 reviews for Make Your Own Toffee Hamper

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. It’ll be going over to Canada soon for a friend who is a big fan of treacle toffee. Many thanks, Paul.

  2. Joan F. (verified owner)

    Great selection of toffees. My Dad loved that they were individually wrapped!

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